Brexit – made in England, led by donkeys

Brexit shambles and uncertainty continues as the government suffers another humiliating defeat. Parliament struggles to find a way through an impasse which bears the stamp “made in England” – not made in Britain. What was dreamed up by some in England (and set alight by papers) has drawn other nations in. Not only Scotland and […]


Mushrooms, by Sylvia Plath, is my poem of the month. Do you want to know what it’s about? One person says it’s about mushrooms. The beauty of poetry is its surplus of meaning. Poems mean a lot – a lot more than the sum of their words and usually a lot more than the poet […]

#cLectio – David’s counter culture

Who counts counts? Counts count numbers,‬ ‪overpower them, reducing them, demeaning them‬ ‪making them number, dumber, cannon fodder,‬ ‪forced labour, numbers & counters who don’t count, won’t count.‬ Beware those who count counter to those God counts dear. ‪#1Chronicles21 #cLectio #morningprayer A reflection for Twitter on 1 Chronicles 21 – the set reading for Morning Prayer today.


Steadfast – word of the day (and night)‬ ‪Staunch and steady‬ ‪the love that lasts long‬ ‪into dark night, longs‬ ‪till the last are first,‬ ‪constant cloud lining‬ ‪past all mists of time. ‬ ‪#Hosea6 #cLectio‬

Sunflowers weeping

The sunflowers weep. Anselm Kiefer has done several paintings of sunflowers. He was born in 1945 in Germany, two months before the end of the war. It is hard to imagine the state of mind of the German nation at that time – on the edge of a shameful defeat, confronting the horrors of their […]


The scales before our eyes aren’t just the only balances on which the poor & needy are outweighed. There are balance sheets where the poor & needy are written off, accounts where there is no balance, where the voice of the poor is never heard. #Amos8 #cLectio #thescaleofinjustice