Self-Supporting Ministry – a practical guide by John Lees

John Lees has written a guide to self-supporting ministry that is challenging and practical. But is self-supporting ministry just about those who are clergy?

The place of maps

I have just been reading The Book of Negroes by Canadian author Lawrence Hill. It gets its controversial title from a historic document from the 18th century which is kept at the National Archives at Kew. It is a ledger of over 3,000 names of enslaved African, the “Black Loyalists” who escaped to Britain’s lines in the American […]

>Diversity Training 2

>Lost in thought this morning – with many matters.Is this what diversity training looks like? This dance group won a British TV talent competition. Diversifying is God’s business.Through Abraham and the cross God provides us with a family tree which renders all brothers and sisters. Hear this (as Abraham and Sarah did) – from Genesis […]

>Book List

>Doing a bit reflecting in the shower I concluded that books no longer are my main source of learning. It’s probably debatable whether they ever were but the assumption was that a student needs books if s/he is going to learn. I would have to say that significant turning points – things that have set […]

>An old friend

>Friend Jim came by with a quote from the work of Laurens van der Post. I enjoyed his books when I read them. A lovely man, great story-teller and lover of humanity. I particulalry remember reading one of his books on a train journey at a time of bereavement, and remember noticing feeling so much […]