Grains of Sand

Grains of Sand is a rebrand. I originally called this blog The Jog. That has run its course. The blog was The Jog but now it’s just Grains of Sand. Why? Grains ain’t heavy and take themselves lightly I like my questions blowing’ in the wind I like the sound of sand sifting in the sea […]

Professionally speaking

Professionally speaking: is that speaking well, or is that being paid for speaking? Speaking well: is that speaking without hesitation, notes or blasphemy, or is it speaking truthfully? In what sense has Sir Alex Ferguson been a professional football manager? There is a sense of professionalism which comes from a realisation which is personally transformative and attitudinal. […]

Extra time and the end of BST

This is a sermon prepared for some of the good people of Guilden Sutton and Plemstall for the end of British Summer Time. SS Simon and Jude – Sermon for October 28th 2012. Well done for remembering to change your clocks! The question we ask when the clocks change is “Do we gain an hour, […]