In our all together

What shall I wear? It’s a question that never crossed my mind when I turned up to a fancy dress party in plain clothes. Embarassing. It seems to be a question that never crossed the mind of the guest who was caught out at the wedding (Matthew 22:1-14). He could have argued back. Jesus had, after […]

a little pure joy

Thanks to Simon Marsh for posting Sparkling Waters. As he says, “a little pure joy for the eyes and ears.” My own reflection, my play on the water, is filtered through questions of those who feel in the doldrums and those who can’t be still. Stunningly beautiful, fairly typical reflecting water reflecting life never calm playground for […]

Extra time and the end of BST

This is a sermon prepared for some of the good people of Guilden Sutton and Plemstall for the end of British Summer Time. SS Simon and Jude – Sermon for October 28th 2012. Well done for remembering to change your clocks! The question we ask when the clocks change is “Do we gain an hour, […]

God of many breasts

>  In the news last week was a man who has fathered a child aged 75 and a woman who has given birth – aged 70 (that’s the Mum, not Benjamin Button). Her name is Raji Deva Lohan – and it’s her first child!But that’s nothing compared to the story from Genesis 17 in our […]